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Cognitive Home Early Educational Games | Montessori Education

Cognitive Home Early Educational Games | Montessori Education

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The Superitive Cognitive Spelling Game was created to systematically teach children coordination between eyes and hands, increase conceptual understanding of colors and words, of course, create bonding proud moments of watching your toddler grow before your eyes.

Increasing awareness of words and what they mean will open up a new world for your child, recognizing and naming similar things in the outside world.

As more connections happen between what they see and what they are learning children blossom and become more engaged in the process of study.


The Enlighten Mathematics Game is designed to develop a deep understanding of numerical quantities, scaling, addition, and subtraction to children by associating numerical symbols with quantities and balancing them on the cards.

Children can use this balance to conceptually understand basic operations like addition and subtraction. This game facilitates basic counting and foundational math skills all while encouraging retention through stimulating multi-level math games!

The cards are wipeable with the black cloth and makes for a great teaching tool. You can even play a game, where if you get 10 right in a row, a reward is provided. This will lay the foundation for a fun and engaging challenge where the basics of mathematics will take root in the childs mind.

This is so underrated, we usually see breakdown of mathematics as early as when long division is introduced, all the way up to quadratic equations and more. A strong foundation will allow the child to grow successfully and without frustration when it comes to learning mathematics!


    Engaging + Intellectually Stimulating - In A Natural Way With Time-Tested Principles To Memorize New Information

    Sustainable Material – Letters Are Crafted From Wood

    Screen-Free Activity – Hands-on Learning Activity Without Screens or Electronics

    Great Gift Idea - For Birthdays and Holidays.

    Children Can Use Alone, Or With A Parent For Encouragement.


    Flashcards: Paper Board

    Letters: Wood

    Size: 21 cm x 25 cm (8.2 in x 9.8 in)

    Note: Suitable For Children 3 Old Years And Above

    Package Includes: 26x Wooden Letters

    28x Flashcards

    Q & A

    How old is this for?

    Suitable for children over 2 years


    Are Sight word Games Only Suitable For Preschool Children?

    Not exactly. These are great toys if you are trying to teach your kids learning letters and spelling. It comes with several different cards to help them see patterns and once they outgrow that they are able to just use these to help with spelling out other words.


    How many Learning words does the kit include?
    This learning card set contains 28 cards and 52 words.