Superitive DIY Truck Engineering Set

Superitive DIY Truck Engineering Set

Superitive DIY Truck Engineering Set

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Our DIY Truck Engineering set (4 Trucks + 4 Screw Drivers) is a great toy for little engineers in the making. Your child will be able to make their own trucks stimulating their creativity and engineering skills. 

This will inspire your child to continue to develop their construction skills and find it to be FUN. Making something with their own hands that they can play with will give them a sense of accomplishment and make it uniquely theirs!

Perfect gift for a child who loves to work with their hands, your little future engineer will be brimming with a smile from ear to ear.

Set Includes

1x Bulldozer
1x Roller
1x Excavator
1x Drilling Rig

4x ScrewDriver

Q & A

How old is this for?

Suitable for children who have good coordination with the hands. It is imperative that they build it themselves, as this will not only allow the child to enjoy the fruits of their own labor, but encourage them to continue to be creative and be confident that they can make things. This process will be challenging yet fun for them.

Is the Engineer Set Safe?

All Eco-Friendly materials used, with a premium finish make this perfectly safe. We recommend you scroll down and check our reviews, especially the ones with the pictures to see the quality of the set. This will be your child's favorite gift 

What is your Refund Policy

If for whatever reason your child doesn't absolutely love this toy within the first 30 days of purchase, please feel free to email us at so we can sort it out for you. We will also implore you to look at our F.A.Q. for more questions answered on topics such as shipping, tracking, etc.